Tool to Predict Your Green Card PERM Processing Times

Some Employment Based Green Card applicants need to go through the process of Permanent Labor Certification (PERM) before they start filing Green Card applications (Form I-140) with USCIS. As part of the Green Card Process, such applicants need to file the PERM Application, including prevailing wage determination (PWD) applications with the US Department of Labor (DOL).

Due to the complexity of the PERM process, the processing times of PERM and PWDs can take more than a few months. It can be painful to wait. We at H1BGrader have curated the data from the past and track the PERM processing times regularly to predict the processing time for your PERM application. This article covers those details and how it works and how you can use the same to predict your Green Card PERM processing time.

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We at built a tool to help you understand and track the current processing times concisely and informally. You can always check the official processing times by visiting the DOL page.

Visit DOL Green Card PERM Processing Times for the latest processing times and predict your processing time.

Average PERM Processing Times Trend

The US DOL publishes regularly the average number of days it took to process PERM applications both for normal and audit review. We at manually curated historical data to provide you with an understanding of how long it takes to process the PERM application and predict the same for your case.

Below is the screenshot of the actual PERM processing time trend from H1BGrader PERM processing data page. Based on the below chart, we observe that the processing times are on an upward trend. Even normal processing times are taking close to 9-10 months now. PERM Applications that are picked for audit review can take more than a year.

PERM - Avg. Processing Time by Month

PERM – Avg. Processing Time by Month

How to Predict Green Card PERM Processing Times?

In order to predict Green Card PERM processing times, all you need to do is enter when the PERM was submitted with the US Department of Labor and the Case Number, if you know it.

Step 1 – Go to PERM Prediction Link: Click on the link to PERM Processing Prediction Tool

Step 2Enter Details of PERM: Enter your PERM Submitted date with US DOL and the PERM case number. This usually starts with ‘A’ and will have ten digits followed and enter the submitted date with DOL. The PERM case number is optional. It looks like in the below screenshot. PERM Processing Predictions

Step 3 – Submit Data: Once the details are entered, click on ‘Submit’ to get the predictions from our intelligence engine.

Step 4 – Prediction Results: You should see a table with the details presented around predicted PERM processing times for normal and audit processing that is relevant for your case. Below is a screenshot of the results in tabular format.

H1BGrader PERM Processing Times Prediction Result

Also, the average processing times trend graph is updated with the PERM processing prediction dates, including your submission date, to reflect your predicted processing times. The markings in the graph represent the submitted date, normal processing times, and audit processing times for your PERM application with US DOL.

Below is the screenshot of the predicted processing times for your case

H1BGrader PERM Processing Times Prediction Result
PERM Processing Times Prediction Result

We at strongly believe that this tool would help ease some of your pressure in knowing when your PERM application decision will be known. This tool is built with inputs from community members like you.

Do you have any feedback on this tool or any suggestions for the team? Add your thoughts in the comments below or Please contact us with your suggestions.


  1. What does it mean when the PERM case status reads as follows: We do not have the case details. It may take at least one quarter before it appears in the public disclosure data.

    • This status means there is no public record of the PERM number you entered. It is either invalid or not part of the public disclosure DOL made.

      You can also try entering that PERM number in and see if you can find the status.

    • Vishnu,
      We are not stealing anyone’s data. All the H1B and PERM data is available for public disclosure at . We are asking for PERM number to help find the case in DOL public data and let the user view their PERM, if already released by DOL. This is purely optional and user does not have to enter it, if he does not want to.

      You can just enter the date and ask for predictions, it will give the same.


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