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"We Grade Companies to help H1B Holders make Informed Decisions ! "

"In God we trust; all others must bring data.”

William Edwards Deming. American statistician,professor, author, lecturer, and consultant.

Every year about 85,000 H1B Visas are given to internationals to work in America. Many of those internationals, who aspireto work in US, look for H1B Sponsors. Some of them are already in the US and trying to look for new jobs, changejobs, apply for Green Cards, etc. in companies that can sponsor H1B Visa for them. Most of the decisions taken today, by individuals to join a company or change to a new company, are based on 'branding' of the company and references. But, we believe that such decisions should be based on "Data". Our goal is to provide everyone a tool that grades companiesbased on various kinds of H1B related Data from various US government agencies like USCIS, US Department of Labor.Our goal is to provide everyone with H1B and other data in an interpretable way to make an informed decision as an H1B VisaHolderin US. We provide grades for companies based on their past Immigration, Wage, and Other Data.Our effort with this website site is to provide you with below :

  • Complete Statistics of a Company from filing H1B LCAs to H1B Approvals
  • Complete Wage Statistics of a Company for various roles, cities
  • Company Grade focused on factors relevant for H1B Holders in US
  • Options to Search for H1B Sponsors by Job Title, City, Name
  • Multiple Reports on H1B like Highest Paid Companies, Highest Paid Cities, Highest Paid Jobs, etc.

Many more capabilities for you to make informed decision as an international professional to work in the US !
Happy Searching !