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The Terms of Service and conditions apply to all users accessing the current website h1bgrader.com, its blog,posting comments, adding questions or responses in community forum, visa trackers, including those registering newaccounts or having previousaccounts. By accessing or using the h1bgrader.com website, you are agreeing to the below Terms and Conditions andconcluding a legallybinding contract with “CyBusAir Services Private Limited”, which is operating H1BGrader.com. "CyBusAir ServicesPrivate Limited" is a registered entity in Andhra Pradesh state in India and governedby laws of Republic of India. Do not access or use the website H1BGrader.com if you are unwilling or unable to bebound by the below Terms and Conditions.

Changes to Terms of Service and Conditions
We may modify the Terms of Service and Conditionsfrom time to time without any notice to users. You understand and agree that your access to or use of thewebsite H1BGrader.com is governed by the Terms and Conditions effective at the time of your access to oruse of the website H1BGrader.com.

Limitations of Liability
“CyBusAir Services Private Limited”, which managesH1BGrader.com,  will not be liable to you (whether under the law of contract, the law of torts or otherwise)in relationto the contents of, or use of, or otherwise in connection with, this website:  to the extent that the websiteis provided free-of-charge, for any direct loss;  for any indirect, special or consequential loss;or for any business losses, loss of revenue, income, profits or anticipated savings, loss of contracts or businessrelationships, loss of reputation or goodwill, or loss or corruption of information or data. These limitationsof liability apply even if  “CyBusAir Services Private Limited”( which manages H1BGrader.com) has beenexpressly advised of the potential loss.

“CyBusAir Services Private Limited”, which manages H1BGrader.com, does not assert the truthfulness of theinformation maintained or transmitted. “CyBusAir Services Private Limited”, which manages H1BGrader.com, WILL NOTBELIABLE FOR ANY DIRECT, INDIRECT, INCIDENTAL, SPECIAL OR CONSEQUENTIAL DAMAGES IN CONNECTION WITH THE CONTENTPOSTED BY USERS ON THE WEBSITE H1BGrader.COM and ITS PUBLIC COMMUNITY :  forum.H1BGrader.com. “CybusAirService Private Limited”, which manages H1BGrader.com, originates from Andhra Pradesh state in India and governedby laws of Republic of India. Any controversy or claim arising out of content on H1BGrader.com site shallbe settled by binding arbitration in accordance with the Indian Arbitration Act 1996. The arbitration shall beconducted in Chittoor, Andra Pradesh, India and judgment on the arbitration award may be entered into any courthaving jurisdictionthereof.

“CyBusAir Services Private Limited”, which manages H1BGrader.com, does not assertthe truthfulness of the information maintained or transmitted. This website is provided “as is” without anyrepresentations or warranties, express or implied. “CyBusAir Services Private Limited”, which managesH1BGrader.com, makes no representations or warranties in relation to this website or the information and materialsprovided on this website.  Without prejudice to the generality of the foregoing paragraph, “CyBusAir ServicesPrivate Limited”, which manages H1BGrader.com, does not warrant that this website will be constantlyavailable, or available at all; or the information on this website is complete, true, accurate or non-misleading. Nothing on this website constitutes, or is meant to constitute, advice of any kind.  If yourequire advice in relation to any matter you should consult an appropriate professional.  “CyBusAir ServicesPrivate Limited”, which manages H1BGrader.com, does not warrant or make any representations concerningthe accuracy, likely results, or reliability of the use of the content or materials on its website.


User Created Content like Comments, Posts in Blog, Community Forum section, Articles by Guest Authors:
You as the user alone are responsible for ‘Your’ Content, and once published, it cannot always bewithdrawn.You assume all risks associated with Your Content, including anyone’s reliance on its quality, accuracy, orreliability, or any disclosure by you of information in Your Content that makes you personally identifiable.You represent that you own, or have the necessary permissions to use and authorize the use of Your Content asdescribed herein. You may not imply that Your Content is in any way sponsored or endorsed by “CybusAir ServicePrivate Limited”, which manages H1BGrader.com.  You may expose yourself to liability if, for example, YourContent contains material that is false, intentionally misleading, or defamatory; violates any third-partyright, including any copyright, trademark, patent, trade secret, moral right, privacy right, right of publicity,or any other intellectual property or proprietary right; contains material that is unlawful, includingillegal hate speech or pornography; exploits or otherwise harms minors; or violates or advocates the violation ofany law or regulation.  “CyBusAir Services Private Limited”, which manages H1BGrader.com, reservesthe right to remove, screen, edit, or reinstate users content from time to time at our sole discretion for anyreason or no reason, and without notice to the user. “CyBusAir Services Private Limited”, which managesH1BGrader.com,have no obligation to retain or provide You as the user with any confidentiality with respect to Your content.

Ownership of Content 
As between the H1BGrader.com website visitors/users and “CyBusAirServices Private Limited” (which manages H1BGrader.com), website visitors/users own their own content createdby them, including comments, questions created, answers, responses, guest articles.  Only articles, contentpublished by verifiable authors of the website are owned by “CyBusAir Services Private Limited”, whichmanages H1BGrader.com.

The discussions, views expressed and materials on the website/blog/forumrepresent the personal opinions of individual members and readers, who are the content creators and do notrepresentthe opinion of “CyBusAir Services Private Limited”, which manages H1BGrader.com. The readers/ visitors and usersof the website/ blog/ forum should NOT solely rely on the content for its accuracy and your discretionis advised. “CyBusAir Services Private Limited”, which manages H1BGrader.com, does not assert the truthfulness ofthe information maintained or transmitted, use it with your own risk and discretion. “CybusAir ServicePrivate Limited”, which manages H1BGrader.com, assumes no responsibility for any of the content posted on itswebsite/ blog/ forum. “CyBusAir Services Private Limited”, which manages H1BGrader.com, is NOT responsiblefor any republishing of any of the content found on the website/ blog/ forum to other blogs, websites, contentaggregators, forums and internet media without “”CyBusAir Services Private Limited”, which manages H1BGrader.com,permission. “CyBusAir Services Private Limited”, which manages H1BGrader.com, is not liable for any damage causedfor such republishing without permission.

Advertising on H1BGrader.com :
“CyBusAir Services Private Limited”, which managesH1BGrader.com, and its advertisers may publicly display advertisements and other information adjacent to orincludedwith users’ content. Users are not entitled to any compensation for such advertisements.

You as the reader/user agree to indemnify, defend, and hold “CyBusAir ServicesPrivate Limited”, which manages H1BGrader.com, and the officers, directors, employees, agents and representativesof each of them , harmless, including costs, liabilities and legal fees, from any claim or demand made by anythird-party arising out of or relating to (i) your access to or use of the website H1BGrader.com , (ii) yourviolation of the terms and conditions, (iii) the infringement by you, or any third-party using your account forposting negative defamatory content, comments, questions, answers regarding any business, including anyintellectual property or other right of any person or entity.  “CyBusAir Services Private Limited”, whichmanages H1BGrader.com, reserves the right, at your expense, to assume the exclusive defense and control ofany matter for which you are required to indemnify “CyBusAir Services Private Limited”, which managesH1BGrader.com,  and you as the user agree to cooperate with our defense of these claims. “CybusAir ServicePrivateLimited”, which manages H1BGrader.com, will use reasonable efforts to notify you of any claim, action orproceeding upon becoming aware of it.

Copyright Information:
All the content on the site is Copyrighted © . All rights reserved byAuthors of H1BGrader.com website ! Content should NOT be reproduced without authors written permission. No feed republishing.  The content should be used only for educational purposes only. No commercial useof data on the website is permitted.  Usage of website information without giving proper creditwill result in legal proceedings.  Proper credit and a link back to original post is required ifyou are using any part of information on the website for educational purposes. If you see any yourcopyrighted material or links on the website and would like that content to be removed, email us [email protected]

Grievance Officer
In accordance with Information Technology (Intermediaries Guidelines)Rules, 2011 , the name and contact details of the Grievance Officer are provided below:

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