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Current DOL PERM Processing Times, Timeline, Trends

Certain Employment Based Green Card applicants need to go through the process of Permanent Labor Certification, popularly called as PERM, before they start the Green Card application (Form I-140) with USCIS. As part of the Green Card Process, such applicants need to file the PERM Labor Certification Appliations, including prevailing wage determination (PWD) applications with US Department of Labor (DOL). Due to the complexity of the PERM process, the processing times of PERM and PWDs can be long.

Below are the current US Department of Labor PERM processing times. We update this page everyday to get the latest snapshot of PERM processing times based on both US DOL data as well as the daily feed data we get for PERM filings and PWD applications. Also, the bottom of the page has more information on the overall PERM process and commonly asked questions around PERM.

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Current DOL PERM Processing Times

PERM Processing Time (Normal)

Analyst Review

13 months, 1 day
PERM Processing Time (Audit)

Audit Review

15 months, 22 days
Currently Processing Applications from (Normal)
Mar 2023
Currently Processing Applications from (Audit)
Dec 2022

Check PERM Status Online, Predict Processing time

If you are an applicant, you may be curious to check the status of your PERM application with US Department of Labor (DOL). Unfortunately, you as an applicant cannot check the PERM Status online, while it is pending with DOL. Only the Employer or attorney can login to the PERM case management system at website https://www.plc.doleta.gov and check your PERM application status. However, if your PERM application adjudication was completed by DOL and decision was mailed like Approved, they release that data for public disclosure. As part of public disclosure, DOL publishes quarterly data with full details on the PERM that was filed with DOL. The PERM does not have any personal identifiable information, so you as applicant has nothing to worry.

We at H1BGrader.com has full data related to PERM for the last 15 years since 2008. You can enter your PERM case number on our PERM LC Search Page to view the full details of your PERM. If the PERM is still pending, then we cannot show you the status. But, we can predict the approximate processing time that it might take based on your filing date using the historical processing time. Please enter your case details below

PERM Processing Time Predictions (estimated)

DOL PERM Processing Time History, Trend

MonthAvg. Processing Times
July 202310 months, 7 days16 months, 13 days
June 20239 months, 21 days15 months, 24 days
May 20239 months, 11 days14 months, 19 days
April 20239 months, 6 days12 months, 18 days
March 20238 months, 28 days13 months, 6 days
February 20238 months, 19 days11 months, 29 days
January 20238 months, 21 days12 months, 18 days
December 20228 months, 12 days11 months, 22 days
November 20228 months, 17 days12 months
October 20228 months, 6 days12 months, 3 days
September 20227 months, 30 days11 months, 24 days
August 20227 months, 22 days10 months, 15 days
July 20227 months, 9 days9 months, 23 days
June 20226 months, 23 days9 months, 6 days
May 20226 months, 10 days9 months, 5 days
April 20226 months, 11 days9 months, 10 days
March 20226 months, 1 day9 months, 10 days
February 20225 months, 27 days9 months, 19 days
January 20225 months, 18 days9 months, 28 days
November 20215 months, 7 days10 months, 6 days
October 20215 months, 8 days10 months, 12 days
September 20215 months, 2 days10 months, 18 days
August 20215 months, 5 days11 months

Green Card PERM Labor Certification (LC) Processing Steps

  • Prevailing Wage

    As a first step, companies need to get formulate job duties and identify the requirements for the job that they plan to hire. Then Prevailing Wage Determination/Prevailing Wage Request (PWD/PWR) is filed using Form ETA 9141.

  • Recruitment Process

    Recruitment is done using many channels like newspaper, radio, online websites, on-campus, etc. This step can happen in parallel when the PWD is happening as well.

  • File Permanent Labor Certification

    After the recruitment is complete and the employer cannot find a suitable US worker for the role, then the employer will file Form ETA 9089 for Permanent Employment Certification(PERM). Usually the employers file the PERM using the online system.

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