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Current Green Card PERM Prevailing Wage Determination(PWD) Processing Times, Timeline, Trends

Applying for employment based Green Card involves many steps. Once the employer formulates the job duties and job's minimum requirements, they need to go through Prevailing Wage Determination (PWD). PWD is filed with the US Department of Labor (DOL). Due to the complexity of the PWD process, the processing times of PWD can be long similar to PERM processing times.

Prevailing Wage Determination(PWD) is an important step as it determines the minimum wage/salary that the employer/company needs to pay the employee once they get the green card. For issuing the PWD, US DOL considers the job duties, job requirements and the geographic location of the job to determine the minimum wage that the employer needs to pay for a job. Employers need to file Form ETA-9141 either online using FLAG System or offline with National Prevailing Wage Center (NPWC), which is part of US DOL.

What is OEWS in context of PWD? :OEWS stands for Occupational Employment and Wage Statistics (OEWS). This is a program run by US DOL and used as a wage source for issuing PWDs. 90% of the PWD applications use OEWS as the wage source. Remaining 10% use Non-OEWS sources that can include Davis-Bacon Act (DBA), Collective bargaining agreements (CBA), Service Contract Act(SCA), and others. Also, OES or OEWS both indicate the same, some use OES in context of PWD.

OEWS Receipt Date: All PWD applications have a receipt date, which is basically the date US DOL received the PWD application from the employer. The OEWS Receipt date means that the PWD applications submitted with US DOL used OEWS as the wage source. The below PWD processing time month & year listed under OEWS receipt date indicates what PWD receipt dates US DOL is currently processing for applications that used OEWS as the wage source. It can be that month or before month as well.

Non-OEWS Receipt Date: The Non-OEWS Receipt date means that the PWD applications used Non-OEWS Wage sources such as DBA, CBA, SCA, etc. as the wage source. The below month & year listed under Non-OEWS receipt date indicates what PWD receipt dates US DOL is currently processing for applications that used Non-OEWS as wage sources. It can be that month or before month as well.

Below are the current US Department of Labor published PWD processing times. We update this page everyday to get the latest snapshot of PWD processing times based on both US DOL data as well as the daily feed data we get for PWD filings and PWD applications. Also, the bottom of the page has more information on the overall PWD process and commonly asked questions around PWD.

Current Green Card PWD Processing Times

OEWS Receipt Date

PWD receipt date for the applications using Occupational Employment and Wage Statistics (OEWS) data.

Dec 2023
Non-OEWS Receipt Date

PWD receipt date for the applications using Non-OEWS sources such as DBA, CBA, SCA, Others wage data.

Apr 2023

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Check Prevailing Wage Determination(PWD) Status Online, Predict Processing time

If you are an applicant, you may be curious to check the status of your PWD application with US Department of Labor (DOL). If you know the case number, you can check the status at US DOL FLAG website The PWD does not have any personal identifiable information, so you as applicant has nothing to worry.

We at H1BGrader.com has historical data related to PWD. We can predict the approximate processing time that it might take for your PWD based on your filing date using the historical processing time. Please enter your case details below

PWD Processing Time Predictions (estimated)

Green Card PERM PWD Processing Times History, Trend

MonthAvg. Calendar Days
July 2023211 days (estimated)
June 2023180 days (estimated)
May 2023210 days (estimated)
April 2023484 days (estimated)
March 2023454 days (estimated)
February 2023172 days
January 2023168 days
December 2022175 days
November 2022183 days
October 2022188 days
September 2022195 days
August 2022200 days
July 2022201 days
June 2022206 days
May 2022213 days
April 2022210 days
March 2022207 days
February 2022209 days
January 2022207 days

DOL PWD Requests Processing Load

The number of requests that DOL receives is enormous and directly impacts your overall green card PWD processing times. Some employers file this during the recruitment process itself and some do not. So any delay with PWD processing will directly impact your PWD Labor Certification application as it can not be submitted without PWD issued.

MonthRequests ReceivedDeterminations Issued
July 202314,159N/A
June 202317,464N/A
May 202317,529N/A
April 202315,875N/A
March 202320,090N/A
February 202316,9903,957
January 20236,31514,154
December 202214,00913,635
November 202213,94713,561
October 202214,62114,415
September 202215,15115,045
August 202216,31316,243
July 202214,78814,747
June 202214,92614,874
May 202214,28714,239
April 202215,57915,534
March 202215,92515,893
February 202213,90213,893
January 202213,10813,075

Why is PWD is important? : The fundamental idea behind getting PWD issued by US DOL is to ensure that the foreign workers are paid on-par with current market wages and similar to a US Citizen. This is to protect the foreign workers from employers who may try to take advantage.

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