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What is an H1B LCA Case Number?

H1B Labor Condition Application(LCA) Case Number is an unique 15 digit number assigned by US Department of Labor for every LCA application that was filed with DOL using Form ETA-9035 & 9035E.

Where can you find H1B LCA Case Number?

The LCA Case Number can be found on the Form ETA-9035 or 9035E. It is generated when the employer submits the LCA form electronically in the FLAG system. It is in footer of every page or you can find it on page 6 of LCA form.

What is the format of H1B LCA Case Number?

The H1B LCA Case Number has total 15 Characters and in format : I-XXX-XXXXX-XXXXXX. It starts with upper case I followed by 3 digits, then 5 digits and ending with 6 digit number. All seperated by hyphen like I-200-10216-614928.