US Dept of Labor(DOL) updated the prevailing wages on Dec 4th, 2020, check DOL Announcement. Also, DOL issued final rule changing wage levels on Jan 14th, 2020. No new H1B Wage data is released yet. Approximate wages closer to that percentile is shown for general comparison.

Find H1B Prevailing Wage Levels (New Data - Dec 2020)

What is an SOC Code ?

The Occupational Employment Survey (OES) uses the Standard Occupational Classification (SOC) for the collection of wage data. The SOC Code is a number that looks in format XX-XXXX. Example : 15-1134 is SOC Code for Web Developers. You can check the SOC Code on LCA or check BLS DOL website

What is Area Code?

The BLS (Bureau of Labor Statistics) established Metropolitan Statistical Areas(MSA) and each of them are identified by a four or five-digit Area Code. In some cases, it would be 6 or 7 digit code. You can check details at BLS - MSA Codes

What is the H1B LCA ?

The H1B LCA is a form filed by US Employer with US Dept of Labor and it has job role, SOC Code, wage, location and other details related to H1B Job. It is required by USCIS for petition adjudication. You can search or browse H1B LCAs for a company using our H1B LCA Search .