23% Decrease in H1B Jobs since 2022, Insights from DOL Q1 FY 2024 Data.

As everyone is gearing up for the upcoming H1B Visa 2025 season with the introduction of the new rules that changes the way H1B Lottery is conducted, US Department of Labor released its first quarter data for H1B LCA and PERM data for Fiscal Year(FY) 2024 season. Also, USCIS has released the full year Data for H1B petition approvals for FY 2023 season.

In this article, we will review the trends in the Q1 Data for H1B FY 2024 such as top jobs titles, to companies, top cities, top states, and other stats for the same. Also, as part of our regular data refresh schedule, we have updated our H1BGrader.com data with the Q1 FY 2024 Data and USCIS full year data for FY 2023.

85K H1B LCAs filed in Q1 of FY 2024, Drop of 23% filings compared to 2022

If we look at the data for Q1 of FY 2024 and compare that with previous year, Q1 of FY 2023, there was a slight dip in the total H1B LCAs filed. The H1B LCA filings dropped from 88,767 to 85,882, which comes to about 3.25% drop in filings.

But, if we compare the current quarter data with filings from Q1 of FY 2022, the situation looks worst as there were 112,409 H1B LCA filed during that period. If we compare that data with current quarter data, the H1B LCA dropped by about 23.6%

This 23.6% decline in the last two years indicates that the jobs situation did not improve for H1B Visa holders. The demand for high skilled workers did not really increase in the last two years.

Below are the total counts of LCAs (includes H1B, H1B1 & E3) that were filed with DOL for the full fiscal year(FY) 2023.

FY 2024
% Change
FY 2023
85,88285,882 Not ReleasedNot Released Not Released-3.3%
H1B LCA filings with DOL for FY 2024
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Note: The Data Refresh from US Dept of Labor is mainly for H1B LCAs and PERM Labor Certs. USCIS Data release cycles are not consistently done every quarter like DOL. In the current release, USCIS released their full year FY 2023 H1B approvals data. You can read our Data Refresh Status to learn more on what data is updated with the current update.

Top 20 H1B Employers, Job Titles, Cities for Q1 Fiscal Year 2024

Below are the top 20 employers for Q1 Fiscal Year 2024.

Top H1B Sponsors (FY 2024 – Q1)
Amazon.com Services LLC 3,129
Ernst & Young US LLP 2,562
Cognizant Technology Solutions US Corp 1,635
Microsoft Corporation 1,535
Tata Consultancy Services Limited 1,224
Google LLC 1,181
Meta Platforms INC 1,013
Infosys Limited 1,005
Capgemini America INC 756
Apple INC 743
Amazon Web Services INC 703
IBM Corporation 683
Jpmorgan Chase & CO 672
HCL America INC 602
Deloitte Consulting LLP 598
Intel Corporation 595
Wal Mart Associates INC 528
Salesforce INC 513
Fidelity Technology Group LLC 482
Amazon Development Center US INC 448
Top 20 H1B Sponsoring Companies during Q1 for Fiscal Year 2024

Top H1B Job Titles (FY 2024 – Q1)
Software Engineer 6,298
Software Developer 5,054
Senior Software Engineer 1,545
Software Development Engineer II 960
Assistant Professor 935
Data Engineer 768
Manager JC Computer Systems Engineers Architects 652
Accountants and Auditors Kbgfjg 632
Architect 543
Java Developer 527
Business Analyst 474
Devops Engineer 449
Data Scientist 437
Associate 385
Data Analyst 384
Senior Software Developer 378
Software Developers Kbgfjg 336
Staff Software Engineer 335
SR Software Engineer 334
Project Manager 332
Top 20 H1B Job titles for FY 2024 Q1

Top H1B Cities (FY 2024 – Q1)
New York, NY 4,506
Seattle, WA 2,501
Austin, TX 2,031
San Francisco, CA 1,893
Sunnyvale, CA 1,753
San Jose, CA 1,709
Irving, TX 1,675
Plano, TX 1,650
Atlanta, GA 1,613
Dallas, TX 1,609
Chicago, IL 1,587
Houston, TX 1,521
Redmond, WA 1,469
Bellevue, WA 1,344
Charlotte, NC 1,226
Santa Clara, CA 1,174
Boston, MA 1,145
Mountain View, CA 942
Alpharetta, GA 906
Jersey City, NJ 861
Top 20 H1B Jobs Cities for Q1, FY 2024

If you are looking to move around different states, having an idea about the H1B jobs by state would be a great one. Below table shows the H1B LCA data by states for Q1, FY 2024.

Top 10 States of H1B Employment for Q1 FY 2024

US State NameTotal H1B LCAsPercentage
of H1B Jobs
 California 34,17223.3%
Texas 22,28115.2% 
Washington 16,467 11.2% 
New York 12,508 8.5% 
North Carolina 5,937 4.0%
 New Jersey 5,6843.9% 
Georgia 4,3973% 
Massachusetts 4,326 2.9% 
Illinois4,289 2.9% 
Top 10 States of H1B Jobs Employment from Q1 FY 2024 Data

41K PERM Labor Certs filed in Q1 FY 2024, an increase of 1.62%

The Q1 data of PERM for FY 2024 indicates an increase of about 1.62% in filings. During Q1 of FY 2023, there were about 40,826, compared to now in Q1 of FY 2024, the filings stood at 41,487

The PERM filings looked very stable, and the change of less than 2% does not indicate much. We can only assess that companies continue to prioritize their H1B visa employees and are processing their Green Card applications. Things do seem a lot better than FY 2022 season, when there were about 33,413 filings only in Q1 2022

Below are the total Labor Certifications filed in the DOL PERM Program for Green Card processing until Q3 FY 2023.

  % Change
FY 2023
41,48741,487Not ReleasedNot ReleasedNot Released1.62%
Q1 FY 2024 PERM Labor Certification filings

Top Green Card Sponsors (PERM) for Q1 Fiscal Year 2024

Below are the top Green Card employers after data refresh for the Q1 of FY 2024

Top Green Card Sponsors (FY 2024 – Q1)
Amazon.com Services LLC 1,352
Google LLC 1,151
Meta Platforms INC 474
Microsoft Corporation 432
Cognizant Technology Solutions US Corporation 402
Tata Consultancy Services Limited 278
Amazon Development Center US INC 242
Apple INC 224
Morgan Truck Body LLC 219
Health Care Facilities Staffing LLC 218
Amazon Web Services INC 216
Intel Corporation 208
Management Health Systems LLC DBA Medpro 196
Capgemini America INC 176
Nvidia Corporation 175
JP Morgan Chase CO 146
Wipro Limited 138
Deloitte Consulting LLP 136
Wayne Farms LLC 126
Cisco Systems INC 122
Top PERM Sponsors for Q1 FY 2024

USCIS Full Year FY 2023 Data Released

USCIS also released their full-year H1B Petitions filing data for FY 2023. If you are not clear about the difference between H1B DOL Data for LCA vs. USCIS data, read the article: H1B LCAs Approvals from US DOL vs. H1B Petition Approvals from USCIS

Top H1B Employers as per USCIS H1B Petitions (FY 2023 Full Year)
Amazon.com Services LLC  11,316
Cognizant Technology Solutions US Corp 7,658
Infosys Limited 7,349
Tata Consultancy Services Limited 6,916
Google LLC 5,464
Microsoft Corporation 4,793
Apple INC 3,821
Meta Platforms INC 3,371
Jpmorgan Chase & CO 3,067
Capgemini America INC 2,831
HCL America INC 2,713
Deloitte Consulting LLP 2,689
Wal Mart Associates INC 2,524
Ernst Young US LLP 2,508
IBM Corporation 2,508
Top 15 H1B Petitions Filing Companies during Fiscal Year 2023

What are your thoughts on the Q1 Data for FY 2024 and the full year data of USCIS for FY 2023? What’s your take on the Job Market compared with the data? Add your thoughts in comments section below

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