FY 2025 H1B Lottery Results are coming out, USCIS Confirms.

Finally, the wait is over for some and the wait might be longer for some. H1B lottery selection results are coming out slowly and steadily per reliable sources like attorneys who helped file H1B registrations for their clients.

The H1B registration date was extended till Tuesday 26th March 2024 from the initial date of 22nd March 2024. Even though the official notification date as per USCIS timeline of FY 2025 H1B is around 31st March 2024, we have seen many reports of attorneys receiving selection notifications through their USCIS accounts.

We should also note that USCIS does not officially declare that the results are out until after 31st March 2024. They will do that once everyone is notified and have all the results uploaded to the USCIS website for the employers and attorneys to view.

However, USCIS did mention on their Twitter page that they started to send out selection notices for the selection applicants in their myUSCIS accounts starting yesterday and will continue until April 1st. See below.

Check out the below tweet from one of the attorneys.

Also, you can check the community H1B tracker at VisaGrader, which shows the data from community members selected in the H1B lottery. Check https://visagrader.com/uscis-trackers/h1b-visa

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