Green Card Sponsors Database – Approval Rates, Salaries, Job Titles, PERM Info

Happy New Year 2021 everyone ! 

Last year, we launched Green Card Labor Certification Search, today we are excited to launch the Green Card Sponsoring Companies Database in 2021. It has complete PERM data of Companies provided by the US Department of Labor for the last 10 years. 

It is our first release and we are providing key features like PERM Labor approval & denial rates for the last 10 years, common job titles sponsored, the maximum, average salaries, and ability for you to view the actual labor certifications filed with full details. 

Let’s look at how the green card database works. 

Step by Step Guide to Use Green Card Database 

Step 1 – Green Card Database Search Page : Navigate to Green Card Sponsors Search Page  from Menu.  You can alternatively Browse All Green Card Sponsors as well by Alphabet. See below screenshot

Step 2  – Search for Company : You can start typing the company name and the system will suggest the company name. Once you find the relevant one, just select that. It will automatically search and display details. In some cases, you may need to hit search, otherwise we automatically search once you select the company Name. 

You can also click on the top Green Card Sponsors listed on the Green Card Home page.  See below.

Top Green Card Sponsors

Step 3 – Green Card Company Information :  The complete Green Card Data for the last 10 years related to that company would be displayed. It includes approval, denial rates, trend, The list of PERM Labor filings they filed, The Job Titles. You can browse the tabs to see each of these.  See below screenshots. 

Green Card Approvals, Denials for Company

View PERM Filings & their details. 

PERM Filings for Company

View Salaries, Job Titles, 

Job titles, Salaries filed by Company

This is our first release, we plan to enhance and provide more features in the future.

What do you think of these features ? What features do you want ? 


  1. Hey,I’m looking for sponsorship for machine operations eg injection molding machines,I did certificate in IT and Cisco networking (CCNA). I have 5 years experience in machine operation,and I’m a mechanical technician as at now for 5 years.


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