Search, View Green Card PERM Labor Certification Details, Processing Times History

Most of the individuals planning to apply for Employment Based Green Card need to go through the Permanent (PERM) Labor Certification process with the US Department of Labor.  Employers will file ETA Form 9089, which is called “Application for Permanent Employment Certification”.  While some companies are open and share the details of the Labor Certification, some may not share the details.  It is important to know the details of the PERM Labor Certification, if you are on the Green Card Journey as you need to know the SOC Codes, Wages that were applied, many other details. 

We are launching a new feature to help you search and view the PERM Labor Certification Details. We have data for the last 10 years and plan to add a few more previous years ( 2008, 2009, 2010) as well soon.  The current data for year 2020 is updated as of end of Q3 2020 (June 30, 2020.) DOL is yet to release Q4 data. 

You have the option to either search by the PERM Labor Certification Case Number or browse by Employer, Job title or City. The browse option will give you an idea of the processing times as well.  Let’s look at each of the options. 

 Search for Green Card PERM Labor Certifications by Case Number 

It is assumed you have the PERM Labor Cert case number at hand. If not, go to the next section. 

Step 1 : You need to navigate to the PERM Labor Cert Search from menu. See below. 

Menu Select Labor Cert Search
Menu Select Labor Cert Search

Step 2 : If you know the PERM Labor Certification Case Number, you can enter it directly in the search box as shown below. It is a 11 digit number and of the format A-XXXXX-XXXXX. All you need to do is enter the  case number and hit search. Make sure you select the right year as well. 

Enter Labor Cert Case Number, Select year,  Hit Search
Enter Labor Cert Case Number, Select year, Hit Search

Step 3 : The PERM Labor Certification Details will open and you can view the full details of the same. See below screenshot. 

PERM basic Info
PERM Wage, Skills and other info

Browse the PERM Labor Certs by Employer, Job Title or City & Processing Times  

If you would like to browse PERM Labor Certs or get the historical processing times info, you can use the below option. 

Step 1 : You need to navigate to the PERM Labor Cert Search from menu. 

Step 2 : You have a couple of options to browse through the Labor Certifications.

Browse by Company Name  : You can start typing the company name and you will get autosuggest to select the appropriate company. If the name matches, you can select the same and then hit search. You also have the option to choose the Year as well.  See below screenshot on how to do the same. 

Browse by Job Title or City : If you want to browse the PERM Labor Cert details by Job Title or City, then you can start typing the Job Title or City name and then Select the same from the dropdown. 

Step 3 : You will get the results in a nice table with the list of PERM Certs. You can click on the Case Number to view the details.  You will also be able to see the time taken for processing of the same. This will give you an idea of the processing time. See below screenshot. 

PERM Labor Cert Search Results.

If you want, you can further filter the Company Results by City or Job Title

Filter by City after Company Name

Search Results for Browse by Job Title..

Occasionally, you may find some companies without any results. We are working on cleaning up the same, it should be done soon as well. 

What do you think of the features ? Any suggestions for improvement ? 

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