Search Non-OES Prevailing Wage Surveys for H1B LCAs

As many of you know, the US Dept of Labor published  H1B Prevailing Wage Levels change regulation on Oct 8th, 2020. As per the new regulation, the OES Wage Levels required for H1B LCA changed from 17th, 34th, 50th, 67th percentiles to  45th, 62nd, 78th, and 95th percentiles for Level I to Level IV wage levels.   

To help users with the changes, we launched a feature Compare H1B Prevailing Wages to compare the wage changes before and after the regulation. We also launched many features that help users to navigate around wage level changes like Check H1B Prevailing Wage History for a Job,  Search H1B Prevailing wages by SOC Code, Search Prevailing Wage Distribution by Company  and many others. 

Many users asked, what are the alternatives, if the company does not want to use Occupational Employment Statistics (OES) Wage Levels. The reason is  new wage levels of OES are really high. As per research by Economic Policy Institute, for FY 2019, about 9% of the total H1B LCAs filed by employers were not based on OES Wage Survey/Levels.  Based on our data analysis as well, it concurs with the same facts.  But, the question is what are those surveys that employers used in the past, so that now companies can start to use the same.  

To help this, we have built a new feature that will help anyone looking for an alternative Wage Survey for OES for H1B LCA. Using this feature, you can search for alternative wage surveys used for H1B LCAs by Company, by Job Title and by City.   Below is the step by step guide on how to do the same. 

How to search for Non-OES Wage Surveys used in H1B LCAs 

Step 1 :  Navigate to Non-OES Prevailing Wage Search. It is under the Prevailing Wages Menu item. 

Menu for Non-OES Wage Survey
Menu for Non-OES Wage Survey

Step 2 :  You have few options here, you can search by Company Name, Job Title or by City and select the year.  Alternatively, you can even click on any of the top companies or job titles that are on the page below the search box.   This page may take 15 to 20 seconds to load as it loading the report. Below is how it looks.

Search options for Non OES Wage Survey Search for H1B LCAs
Search options for Non OES Wage Survey Search for H1B LCAs

Search by Company Name 

Start typing the Company Name, you will get an auto suggest drop down to select the company name. Select the appropriate company name and hit the search button. 

Select the company Name
Select the company Name

Search by Job Title or City

Similar to above, start to type the Job Title or City and select the one that is suggested in the autosuggest dropdown and then hit the search button.

Select the Job Title , City from the Auto Suggest feature.

Step 3 : You will see the results displayed depending on your search query. Below are the results for each of the variants. If there are not results, then you will get the same response. 

Non OES Wage Surveys for Company Facebook
Non OES Wage Surveys for Company Facebook
Non OES Wage Survey for Job Title - Product Manger
Non OES Wage Survey for Job Title – Product Manger
Non OES wage survey for a city – Sunnyvale, CA

Step 4 : You can also further filter results by entering the filter criteria like Job Title or City in the search boxes on top of the search results. Example, if you have a Company Name, and want to search for only certain job titles in that company, you can do that using this feature . 

Filter Wage Surveys by Company , Job Title, City

Let’s say you want Software Engineers in Google and from Mountain View, CA,  you can do this by entering relevant fields in search criteria and searching for the same. See below example screenshot. 

Filter Results – Example – Facebook Software Engineer in Menlo Park, CA

Sometimes, the wage data is not clean and you may not see the survey name or survey punisher. These are known data issues due the data issues from DOL

What do you think of the new Non-OES wage Surveys Feature for H1B LCAs ? Any suggestions ? Share in comments. 

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