Find H1B Visa Wage Levels Distributions by Company Name

USCIS released a press note yesterday indicating that they are planning to use Wage Levels for H1B Lottery Selection. USCIS uses H1B registration process to accept H1B registrations using an online system and then use random selection, popularly known as H1B lottery,  to select the H1B registrations that are required to meet the quota cap of 85,000.

Why Wage Levels Distribution is Important 

Now, with the new rule from yesterday, the focus is more on the wage levels. If you are looking for H1B Sponsors for next fiscal year FY 2022, then you may wonder, which company would be the best one. The way to assess a company is to look at their typical wage levels and distribution.  If a company has higher wage levels like Level III or Level IV LCAs filed, then they are very likely to be picked in the lottery as there are higher odds. It show the Company’s intent to hire higher wage level workers. 

Today, we are launching a feature that will help you to evaluate a company based on their H1B wage level distributions. You can find any company’s LCAs wage level distribution using this feature. Below is how it works. 

How to find H1B Wage Levels Distribution by Company 

Step 1 : Go to H1B Wage Levels by Company Page

Step 2 : Start typing the company name, select the one that matches your search. You can select a different year, if you want to. By default it is for year 2020. Then hit Search

Step 3 : Search results are displayed for the company with the wage level distributions for that year. You will see it in Graph as well as text. You can explore more about the company profile as well by clicking on the link. 

What do you think of the feature? Share your feedback and suggestions.

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