Get Recommendations for YOU with New H1B Wage Levels

As most of you know, the US Dept of State has published New Prevailing Wage Levels Rule for H1B LCA , PERM in Federal Register and many are worried, if they are impacted. Last week, we launched Compare H1B Prevailing Wages New vs Old to help you compare H1B wage levels before and after the change. What still is a gap is personalized assessment and recommendations for you as an individual. 

New Feature – Get Personalized Recommendations

We are launching a new feature today that will give you personalized recommendations based on your Salary, Job Title, Location and current Wage level. It will help you asses, if you are impacted or not with the new change and give you recommendation of Locations that you can potentially move to without having any change to your wage level. 

Let’s dive in,

Get Recommendations for YOU based on New H1B Wage Levels 

 Step 1 : Go to Prevailing Wages >> Recommendations from main menu ( see below screenshot)

H1B Menu for Recommendations
Menu for Recommendations

Step 2 : You need to enter details from your current H1B LCA in the Search box. See below screenshot. You can use you hard copy of LCA or use our H1B LCA Search to find details.  Below is how you can get those details on LCA. 

  • Your Current Wage / Salary under “F. Employment and Wage Information”, that says “10. Wage Rate Paid to Nonimmigrant Workers” 
  • Your current Wage level listed under same section F. under “a.Place of Employment information”
  • Your SOC Code / Occupation Title under Section B of LCA.  This is not the Job title as they are very generic, it is the SOC Occupation Title
  • Your County, City Name that is under Section F. under “a. Place of Employment information”.
Fields to enter to get recommendations
Fields to enter to get recommendations

Step 3 : Click on Get Recommendations button after you enter the above details 

Step 4 : You will get the Assessment and Recommendations results. If there is no data, you will also get relevant results and information.

Your Wage Level Assessment. 

The recommendation system will tell you, if you are impacted or not. 

If you are good, you will get a green check mark and a graph that plots your Wage in relation to the Wage Levels. See below screenshot on how it looks

Situation where Prevailing Wage is less than your Salary – No Impact Case
Situation where New Prevailing Wage is higher than your salary – Impacted Case
Situation when there is no New H1B LCA Data for New Wage Levels for a Position – No Data Case

Recommended Locations that you can move 

You will also get the complete list of recommended locations that you can move without changing your Wage Level in H1B LCA or Salary. Meaning, if your employer does not want to change your Salary and Wage Level, they can move you to these locations and file a new LCA there. You Can work in that locations without having any impact. Or alternatively, you can search for H1B Visa Sponsors in those Cities  See below screenshot on how it looks. 

Recommended Locations for H1B New Wage Levels.

What do you think of the new feature ? Any suggestions for improvement ? 

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