Compare H1B Prevailing Wages – New Levels[Oct 2020] vs Before Change

US Department of Labor has published the New Prevailing Wage Levels Rule for H1B LCA , PERM in Federal Register today. We already covered the impact of such changes to the overall H1B population working in the US.  

Based on our analysis it can impact upto 275K, if you consider FY 2020 data and 400K, if you consider FY 2019 LCA data. You can read the analysis at H1B Wage Level Distributions 2017 to 2020 and also Top 15 H1B Sponsors Wage level Distributions  

Now, many of the H1B holders are not sure, how much the change has happened to them and how they can compare the change. FLCDataCenter, which has the prevailing wage data excel files for reference and searching for H1B holder,  has  published new wage levels data yesterday. We picked up that data and built a new page for everyone to compare the wages changed. 

Below are the steps on how you can check and compare wages. 

How to Compare New Prevailing Wage Levels with Old PW Levels for H1B

Step 1: Go to our H1B Prevailing Wage Search Page  

Step 2 : You need to enter the SOC COde or Job Title and the Geographical Area details such as Area code or Area name. We provide you the autosuggest too. You can start typing. 

Compare H1B  Prevailing Wages

Step 3 : Click on Search button after you enter the details.

Step 4 : You will get a nice table that compares the wages before the new Prevailing Wage Levels became effective vs. the New Wage Levels set now.  See below how it looks. 

Prevailing Wage Levels Comparison
Prevailing Wage Levels Comparison

We have tried our best to build something quick for the H1B community to review it. It may have rough edges and bugs, so please share feedback in comments of this blog or using Contact us form.  We will continue to update and clean it up.

What do you think of the feature ? Any suggestions ?  Leave your feedback. 


  1. Hi,

    So if my current prevailing wage lies in between new wage range , so in that case also my application approval would be impacted ?


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