H1B Prevailing Wages Data for FY 2021 – 2022 Released – Some got 60% Increase

US Department of Labor released latest Prevailing Wage Data on the FLCDataCenter Website recently. Essentially these new prevailing wages cut across FY 2021 and FY 2022 seasons. The new prevailing wages are effective from July 1st, 2021 and valid until June 30th, 2022. There are some very interesting insights where wage rages literally jumped like 60% for some areas and not much for some areas. Let’s dive in.

Note : US Dept of Labor releases the Prevailing Wages update once a year only. You can read Data Refresh Status to know more on our data update schedules and history.

Prevailing Wages for some SOC codes increase by 60%

The overall prevailing wages look pretty normal increase for most of the top SOC codes in metro areas. But, some interesting data is around non-metros like Western Tennessee for Database Administrators. The wage rage went up from 70K to 111K for a Level 4 wage. That is a close to 60% hike in prevailing wage. See below screenshot. This could be due to fact that there are lesser people available in that area and maybe even COVID.

If we look at the same Database Administrators in San Francisco County, it has not changed much. It increased by about 6% only. See below.

If you see lesser data points for some areas and SOC Codes, it means that data was not available for those years and FLC Data Center did not give data as well. Below is a typical example of such case.

If we look at the same job tile Database Administrators in New York County, it is the same situation, about 6% increase.

H1B Prevailing Wages for Software Developers, Applications (15-1132)

The code 15-1132 related to Software Developers is the Top SOC Code for this year. Let’s look at how it changed

If we look at the data in San Jose – Santa Clara County for Software Developers, it has gone up by about 8%. See below screenshot

If we look at the same Software Developers SOC code in New York Area, it has not increased at all and about 1% increase. See below.

For those thinking of moving to Austin as it is the next big thing in Tech, the wages have not increased much. The same Software Developers in Austin City for Travis County is about 2.8% increase from previous year.

We will let you explore for other areas and job codes by going to Search Prevailing Wage History for H1B

Below is a handy guide for general H1B Prevailing Wage Search.

How to search for latest H1B Prevailing Wage Data ?

The data is updated in the backend and all you need to is go to the menu and go to any of our prevailing wages and select the appropriate year. By default we show the latest year and data. Let’s look at how to search for latest data for Database Administrators in Houston.

Step 1 : Go to Menu > Select Search by Code and County

Step 2 : Keep typing in the SOC Code filed and select the suggested one. Same thing for the Country or city name and then hit Search.

Step 3 : You will see the results

What do you think of the New Wage Data that is added ? Did you see big spikes ?

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