Added H1B LCA, PERM FY 2021Q2 Data by DOL to H1BGrader

US Department of Labor released Q2 data for FY 2021 fiscal year late last week for H1B LCA and Green Card related PERM Program. As part of our quarterly data refresh, we have updated our H1BGrader Database with the same data. We will quickly summarize what was added and what it means for you.

Note : The Data Refresh is only for Q2 Data from US Dept of Labor related H1B LCAs and PERM Labor Certs. USCIS does not release quarterly data anymore, they only release data once a year. You can read Data Referesh Status to know more

Summary of Q2 FY 2021 Data Refresh for H1B LCA, Green Card PERM

  • You can now search for all H1B LCAs and PERM filings that were filed anytime between October 1st, 2020 and March 31st, 2021.
  • If your employer has shared any of the details, you can verify the same using H1B LCA Search or PERM Labor Cert Search
  • The overall top employers have changed now after data refresh for Q2, they look like below.
Top H1B Sponsors (FY 2021, until Q2)
Google LLC 5,722
Cognizant Technology Solutions US Corp 4,422 Services LLC 3,988
Microsoft Corporation 3,369
Ernst & Young US LLP 3,295
Facebook INC 3,093
Infosys Limited 2,021
Intel Corporation 1,973
Apple INC 1,971
Tata Consultancy Services Limited 1,874
Top H1B Job Titles (FY 2021-Q2)
Software Engineer 15,466
Software Developer 7,823
Senior Software Engineer 3,759
Assistant Professor 1,971
Senior Systems Analyst JC 1,612
Manager JC 1,371
Associate 1,297
Senior Software Developer 1,214
Analyst 1,203
Top H1B Cities (FY 2021-Q2)
New York, NY 11,767
San Francisco, CA 6,259
Seattle, WA 5,603
Sunnyvale, CA 4,762
San Jose, CA 4,245
Mountain View, CA 4,229
Austin, TX 4,038
Chicago, IL 3,994
Atlanta, GA 3,353
Top Green Card Sponsors (FY 2021)
Microsoft Corporation 1,424 Services LLC 1,031
Google LLC 1,001
Tata Consultancy Services Limited 523
Wipro Limited 398
Apple INC 370
Intel Corporation 313
Capgemini America INC 297
Oracle America INC 263
Prestigious Placement 262
Peco Foods INC 261


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    Can you say what is last date where I can see approval status update on site ?

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