13% Decrease in H1B Jobs in FY 2023. DOL Released Full Year Data for H1B, PERM

While we had an overwhelming amount of 780,884 H1B registrations submitted during the H1B fiscal year(FY) 2024 season for lottery, the actual data related to the H1B LCAs in the for fiscal year 2023 does not justify the demand.

As per the official US Department of Labor(DOL) H1B LCA data, we had a drop in H1B LCA filings in the fiscal year 2023. In this article, we will review all the insights from the full year FY 2023 data such as overall trends, top employers, job titles, top states, etc. Also, we have updated our H1BGrader.com data with the full fiscal year 2023 data for you to review.

524K H1B LCAs filed in FY 2023, H1B Jobs Reduced by 13%

If we look at the previous fiscal year(FY) 2022, there were a total of 602,206 H1B LCAs that were filed with US Department of Labor. Comparing that with the Fiscal Year 2023 data, there were only 524,430 H1B LCAs filed.

The H1B LCAs filed reduced by about 13% in FY 2023 compared with previous FY 2022. The inflated numbers in H1B registrations submitted during start of the season does not reflect the actual job market. The H1B LCAs filed by employers indicated the job market for H1B holders.

Considering the decline of 13% in H1B LCAs filed with US Department of Labor, we can clearly say that H1B Jobs reduced by 13% overall in FY 2023. This decrease in LCA filings indicates the decrease in demand for new and also existing H1B workers.

Below are the total counts of LCAs (includes H1B, H1B1 & E3) that were filed with DOL for the full fiscal year(FY) 2023.

FY 2023
% Change
FY 2022
524,43088,767 133,145180,533 121,985-12.9%
H1B LCA filings with DOL for FY 2023
  • Our H1BGrader Database is also updated with H1B LCAs data that was filed anytime between October 1st, 2022, and September 30th, 2023 i.e full Fiscal Year 2023.
  • If your employer has shared any of the details, you can verify the same using H1B LCA Search

Note: The Data Refresh from US Dept of Labor is mainly for H1B LCAs and PERM Labor Certs. USCIS Data release cycles are not consistently done every quarter like DOL. You can read our Data Refresh Status to learn more on what data is updated with the current update.

Top 20 H1B Employers, Job Titles, Cities for Full Fiscal Year 2023

Below are the top 20 employers for full Fiscal Year 2023.

Top H1B Sponsors (FY 2023 – Full Year)
Cognizant Technology Solutions US Corp 13,048
Amazon.com Services LLC 12,913
Ernst & Young US LLP 10,969
Google LLC 9,723
Tata Consultancy Services Limited 8,542
Infosys Limited 7,772
Microsoft Corporation 7,677
Apple INC 4,033
Meta Platforms INC 3,876
HCL America INC 3,648
Intel Corporation 3,578
Amazon Web Services INC 3,551
Capgemini America INC 3,537
Accenture LLP 3,509
Jpmorgan Chase & CO 3,443
Wal Mart Associates INC 3,227
Qualcomm Technologies INC 3,102
Deloitte Consulting LLP 3,067
Wipro Limited 2,861
IBM Corporation 2,424
Top H1B Sponsoring Companies during full fiscal year 2023

Top H1B Job Titles (FY 2023 – Full Year)
Software Engineer 34,912
Software Developer 25,522
Senior Software Engineer 8,257
Assistant Professor 5,996
Manager JC 4,297
Architect 3,435
Data Engineer 3,397
Accountants and Auditors Kbgfjg 3,090
Associate 2,872
Analyst 2,849
Software Development Engineer I 2,798
Software Development Engineer II 2,729
Data Scientist 2,687
Java Developer 2,191
Business Analyst 2,075
Project Manager 1,925
Technology Lead US 1,923
Developer 1,893
Senior Systems Analyst JC 1,850
Manager JC Computer Systems Engineers Architects 1,848
Top H1B Job Titles for full fiscal year 2023

Top H1B Cities (FY 2023 – Full Year)
New York, NY 28,083
Seattle, WA 12,671
San Francisco, CA 11,697
Austin, TX 11,432
San Jose, CA 9,775
Chicago, IL 9,641
Irving, TX 9,564
Sunnyvale, CA 9,301
Atlanta, GA 8,600
Dallas, TX 8,405
Houston, TX 8,166
Plano, TX 8,002
Redmond, WA 7,047
Charlotte, NC 6,849
Boston, MA 6,725
Mountain View, CA 6,360
Bellevue, WA 5,803
San Diego, CA 5,725
Santa Clara, CA 5,611
Jersey City, NJ 4,753
Top Cities with H1B Jobs for full year FY 2023

It is always good to know what are the jobs that are trending and what are states that are having more opportunities for H1B holders. Below is the same data

Top 10 States of H1B Employment

US State NameTotal H1B LCAsPercentage
of H1B Jobs
 California 262,252 28.3%
Texas 116,94812.6% 
Washington 105,284 11.4% 
New York 61,120 6.6% 
Illinois 35,380 3.8% 
New Jersey 35,029 3.8% 
Massachusetts 29,812 3.2% 
North Carolina 28,701 3.1% 
Georgia 25,0472.7%
Virginia 24,047 2.6% 
Top 10 States of H1B Jobs Employment

158K PERM Labor Certs filed in FY 2023, 12% Increase

While the overall demand for H1B visa holder decreased in FY 2023, the trend is quite opposite for people applying Green Cards. Last fiscal year for FY 2022, there were a total of 141,951 PERM applications filed with US Department of Labor, but for FY 2023, that number went up by 12% to 158,987.

The increase in PERM applications filed with US DOL indicates that most of the employees who are already working with companies are in demand. The skills that these individuals have are not available in the US and hence they are applying for Green Cards.

While there are some cases like Apple Lawsuit related to PERM process and Meta Lawsuit as well related to PERM, the overall demand trend seems to be indicating shortage of high skilled workers in the US.

Below are the total Labor Certifications filed in the DOL PERM Program for Green Card processing until Q3 FY 2023.

  % Change
FY 2022
Full year FY 2023 PERM Labor Certification filings

Top Green Card Sponsors (PERM) for Full Fiscal Year 2023

Below are the top Green Card employers after data refresh for the fiscal year 2023, Q3

Top Green Card Sponsors (FY 2023 – Full Year)
Amazon.com Services LLC 4,868
Google LLC 4,473
Microsoft Corporation 2,549
Facebook INC 2,046
Intel Corporation 2,000
Wayne Farms LLC 1,232
Apple INC 1,232
Cognizant Technology Solutions US Corporation 1,099
Amazon Web Services INC 1,045
Tata Consultancy Services Limited 1,036
Infosys LTD 818
Oracle America INC 692
Deloitte Consulting LLP 672
Amazon Development Center US INC 631
Ernst Young US LLP 603
Capgemini America INC 579
FPL Food LLC 577
JP Morgan Chase CO 568
Management Health Systems LLC DBA Medpro 533
IBM Corporation 531
Top Green Card Sponsors for FY 2023

What are your thoughts on the full year data for FY 2023 ? Is the job market still dull for H1B holders? Share your inputs in comments.

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