US Visa Appointment Wait Times by Country, Consulate Contact

If you have applied for a US Visa, you know the pain of checking US Visa Appointment Wait Times and how you need to plan ahead of time. In some countries the wait times are over 3 months. Now, with COVID-19, many consulates are not operating and the wait times keep changing. Also, finding consulate and embassy information is not very straightforward. We are launching new features today to address these gaps and help everyone. 

US Visa Appointment Wait Times by Country

If you need to check for US Visa wait times, you need to check by Consulate City Name one by one and there is no easy way to view all the US consulates wait times in a country. If you are looking for wait times in Countries like India, Canada, Brazil, Mexico, etc. you have to query the Trave.State.Gov website anywhere from 5 to 10 times manually. 

With our new US Visa appointment wait times by Country feature, you can browse wait times for all the US consulates and embassies in a country. Here is how to check.

Step 1 : Go to US Visa Wait times Country Index page 

US Visa Wait times Landing page
Index Page for US Visa Wait Times

Step 2 : You can directly click on the Country you plan to check US Visa Appointment wait times for. You can use the index and click on the starting letter of the country alphabet. See below screenshot.  Check India Country – US Visa Appointment Wait times

Wait times filtered by Country
Pick country from index

Step 3 : You click on the respective country, then you will be on the County Dashboard for Wait Times.  See below screenshot on how it looks. 

Appointment Wait times for Germany – Example

History of US Visa Appointment Wait Times, Graphs 

We provide a history of the appointment wait times in an easy to consume graph. It will help you plan for visa appointment in future. For now, we only have few data points, but this will get better with time.  Check below sample. 

History fo US Visa Wait times

US Consulate Contact Info – Phone Number, Address, Email

We have hand curated all the contact addresses and phone numbers for 170+ countries that have US Consulates, Embassies and Virtual locations. Wherever possible, we also provide additional information like Emails, what areas it serves and website links. See below for India, it has email and supporting states too. 

Contact Information for US Consulate in Delhi
Contact Information for US Consulate in Delhi

What do you think of these new features ? Will it help ? Your suggestions, add in comments. 

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