Top 15 H1B Employers – H1B Wage Levels Distributions Report

US Department of Labor submitted a H1B rule with title “Restructuring of H-1B/H-1B1/E-3 and PERM Wage Levels” recently to Office of Management and Budget (OMB) for review.  It is currently set to Interim Final Rule stage. 

While we have little details on the rule, we recently published an article that looks at H1B Wage Levels Distributions from 2017 to 2020 and how it may impact 275,000 H1B Jobs, if the rumors come true and they set the minimum wage level to Level III or above for all H1B workers. This news of raising the wage level is based on Bloomberg Law News, who got this info as part of their previous press briefings with white house. 

Now, in this article we have picked up top 15 H1B Sponsoring Companies from FY 2019 and pulled their H1B LCA filings and their wage distributions. We are grouping them by the type of the company like Outsourcing Firms vs Product based firms for looking at the pattern. 

As FY 2020 Q4 data is not available yet, we do not have complete year data. So, for completeness sake, we have picked up FY 2019 data. This should give us good indication for FY 2020 as well.  

Below are the top 15 Companies and their H1B FIlings Counts for FY 2019.  

RankH1B Sponsoring Company NameTotal H1B Filings (LCAs Count)
1Cognizant Technology Solutions US Corp28,415
2Infosys Limited21,416
3Tata Consultancy Services Limited11,864
4Google LLC9,753
5Ernst & Young US LLP8,686
6Capgemini America INC8,399
7Deloitte Consulting LLP7,697 Services INC7,259
9Microsoft Corporation5,886
10Accenture LLP5,628
11IBM Corporation5,034
12HCL America INC4,671
13Wipro Limited4,267
14Larsen & Toubro Infotech Limited3,678
15Facebook INC3,042

Before we check the distributions, if you do not know your LCA wage level, you can check it at our H1B LCA search. All you need to do is enter your LCA case number and view the LCA. Also, you can browse by company too.

H1B Wage Level Distributions for Top 15 H1B Companies

Below are the wage level distributions for the Top 15 Companies. If we look closely, we can see some interesting insights.

  • IT Outsourcing Companies has a larger chunk of Level II Wage Level H1B workers
  • Product Companies like Google, Facebook has better percentage distribution for Level III and Level IV workers
  • The worst rating is for L & T InfoTech and Wipro that have about 91.1% and 90.7% for Level II
  • Facebook has the best Level III and Level IV distribution with 28.7% and 28.2% for these levels.

What do you think of these distributions by company ?

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