H1B FY 2023 – Lottery Results, Evaluate Sponsors, Next Steps

H1B 2023 Lottery results are out and we have an official update from USCIS as well. We will cover all those details and the next steps in this article. We encourage our readers to review the articles below for background on how the H1B visa works and information about the H-1B lottery system.

H1B FY 2023 Lottery Results Update

USCIS announced on 29th March 2022, that it completed H-1B Initial Electronic Registration Selection Process. It means that they completed the H1B Lottery initial round and declared results. USCIS already notified the selected candidates over the last few days. Employers or their representatives can log in to the USCIS account and verify the status of the application submissions.

The status of the application will be one of the following:
1. Submitted – This means the application can still be considered for the next round of lottery
2. Selected – This means the application is selected and the employer can move forward with filing the H-1B cap petition
3. Denied – The application is denied. Could be because of multiple reasons. One reason is that the same beneficiary might have submitted multiple applications.
4. Invalidated-Failed Payment: The payment method associated with the registration application had issues (failed, declined, rejected, disputed, or canceled)

All the selected applicants can start filing their H-1B cap petition starting April 1st, 2022. The employer will have 90 days to file this after which USCIS will not consider the petitions even if they were selected in the lottery.

If your registration status is still in the Selected state, then that means USCIS will still consider your registration for the next round of lottery when that happens from now till October 2022.

Once your H-1B cap petition for FY 2023 is approved, the new employment will start on October 1st, 2022.

Important Dates on Next Steps after H1B Lottery

Below are some of the important dates to remember if your H-1B registration is selected in the lottery.

29th March 2022 H1B Lottery Selection Announcement from USCIS
1st April 2022USCIS starts accepting H-1B Cap petitions for those selected in the lottery
1st October 2022Earliest start date for the H-1B applicants to start working for the employer who sponsored the petition
1st April 2022 to 1st October 2022Possibility of one or more lottery selections, if the currently selected list of applicants is not sufficient.
Important Dates after the H-1B lottery

Tools and Trackers for H1B Applicants

As you might already know h1bgrader.com provides the necessary data points for employees or H1B applicants to research their prospective employer.

H1B LCA Search

Each H-1B petition will be accompanied by an approved LCA from the Dept. of Labor (DOL). Your employer or the attorney is supposed to share with you the copy of LCA for your records. If you do not have a copy of the LCA and know the LCA number. You can use the LCA search feature to find your LCA.

US Dept of Labor releases data by quarter, so there may be delay to check your LCA for FY 2023 season, but you can verify previous LCAs from your prospective company to see the details of past applicants. You can browse employers or search by title. It help you to understand the below data points about your job at the new employer

  • SOC Code and Title
  • The prevailing wage offered for this position
  • Wage level

H1B Sponsor Research

You can use h1bgrader.com to research your prospective employer. You can review the below information about the employer and understand your odds of getting rejection from USCIS

  • Grade – shows the overall confidence level of the employer
  • LCA Approval rates
  • USCIS Approval rates
  • Salary ranges offered for different positions
  • Review recent LCAs of the employer

Compare H1B Sponsors

You can use also use the compare sponsors tool to compare your sponsoring employer with another employer to understand the salary ranges, approval rates, etc. See below on how it looks

Compare H1B Sponsors

FY 2023 H1B Case Tracker

You can also track the progress of your case at H1B Visa 2023 Case Tracker. It is anonymous and helps you understand how other users’ case is progressing and get an understanding of approximate timelines on the case processing. This is really helpful if you are not using premium processing.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does the applicant/employee get to know the status of the H1B lottery selection?

No. Unfortunately, only the employer or the representative attorney of the employer will get to know the selection of the lottery. They should log in to the USCIS website to check the status of the applicants. Your best bet is to reach out and follow up with the immigration team of the sponsoring company to know the results of the lottery for your registration

Is there a chance of having another round of the H-1B cap registration lottery after this?

Yes, very likely. From the past historical data, USCIS has conducted at least more than one round of lottery. But, we need to wait and see.

I am excited about my registration selection in the H-1B lottery. What is next?

Congratulations! Your employer attorney will be working with you to prepare LCA and file your complete H-1B cap petition with USCIS for approval. There is a 90-day deadline from April 1st to file your H-1B petition.

Is there premium processing for H-1B cap-subject petitions?

Yes. You can work with your employer to file the H-1B cap-subject petition with premium processing. Typically you can expect to receive a response in 2 weeks.

When can I start working with the H-1B sponsoring employer?

The applicants can start working from 1st October 2022 once their full H-1B petition gets approved.

How does your prospective company approval rate and grade look like ? Share your thoughts in comments section below.


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