How Does the H1B Sponsor Checker Extension Work?

Typically, when you are browsing a job search website like LinkedIn or Indeed, you see a job posting and the company name, where the job is available. All of these job search websites do not give any information about the company's H1B sponsorship details such as, if they sponsored H1B visas in the past, how do their salaries look, and other important insights about the company. This is where our ultimate H1B Sponsor Checker Extension from comes in handy and gives you all that information. Below is how it works:

  1. The H1B Sponsorship Checker Extension reads the company name, job title from the browser.
  2. It sends these details to the's Database to check, if the company has sponsored H1Bs in the past
  3. has curated more than 10 years H1B Data from USCIS and US Department of Labor(DOL). If a match is found for the company, job title, a complete history of H1B Sponsorship is sent back to the extension. Also, we use state of the art AI to generate insights about the company's data for your easy understanding.
  4. All the information, insights received from the database is displayed on the extension pop-up, so that user does not have to leave the job search website.
  5. If a no match is found, we indicate the same on the extension.
One important thing to note is that, not all the companies names are tagged properly with their Trademark name or DBA (Doing Business As) in the USCIS & US DOL data. This may cause name discrepancies at times. We will show the official name that is in the USCIS or US DOL website and the DBA as well for your clarity.

In order to get the H1B Sponsorship data & insights directly on the job search websites like LinkedIn or Indeed, you need to install the H1B Sponsor Checker Extension by