Top H1B Job Titles for 2023

Rank H1B Job Title Total H1B filings(LCAs Count)
1Software Engineer6,183
2Software Developer3,436
3Senior Software Engineer1,906
4Manager JC1,196
5Assistant Professor880
6Software Development Engineer II818
8Accountants and Auditors Kbgfjg599
9Software Development Engineer I521
10Senior Systems Analyst JC501
11Data Engineer465
12Data Scientist392
14Research Scientist379
15Software Engineer III378
16Staff Software Engineer367
17SR Software Engineer354
19Lead Software Engineer342
20Senior Software Developer341
22Software Development Engineer336
23Technology Lead US333
24Research Associate326
25Product Manager324
26Java Developer316
27Software Developers Kbgfjg288
28Business Analyst282
29Project Manager279
30Vice President278
31Software Engineer II269
32Computer Systems Analysts Kbgfjg267
33Senior Data Engineer260
34Senior Manager JC255
35Process Engineer254
36Postdoctoral Fellow254
37Devops Engineer253
38Associate Software Engineer242
39Senior Consultant240
40Project Manager US233
41Postdoctoral Research Associate223
42Technical Lead219
43Research Fellow218
44Network Engineer214
45Programmer Analyst212
47Vice President Software Engineer204
48Component Design Engineer203
49Software Development Engineer III199
50Application Developer199
51Manager JC Computer Systems Engineers Architects193
52Database Administrator182
53Data Analyst181
54Physical Therapist179
55Medical Technologist179
56Principal Software Engineer177
57Technical Program Manager176
58Systems Engineer169
59Postdoctoral Associate169
60Senior Engineer165
61Engineering Manager164
62Systems Analyst163
63Computer Systems Analyst162
64Postdoctoral Research Fellow161
65Senior Data Scientist159
66Senior Associate JC Computer Systems Engineers Architects153
67Postdoctoral Scholar153
68Financial and Investment Analysts Kbgfjg149
69Manager III Software Development146
70Operations Research Analysts Kbgfjg146
71Applications Consultant 3146
72Lead Consultant US142
73Mechanical Engineer141
74Senior Product Manager136
75Senior Manager131
76Data Engineer II131
77Senior Associate129
78Project Engineer128
79Program Manager127
81Machine Learning Engineer125
82Validation Engineer125
83Salesforce Developer124
84Computer and Information Systems Managers Kbgfjg122
85IT Project Manager121
86Business Systems Analyst121
87SR Software Developer121
88Business Intelligence Engineer II120
89Computer Programmer119
90Assistant Vice President116
91Software Development Engineer Applications114
92Senior Project Manager US113
93Solution Architect112
94Software Engineer 3112
95Software Developers112
96Applied Scientist II111
97Technical Architect109
99Electrical Engineer107
100.NET Developer107
101Quality Engineer105
102Consultant US103
103Senior Business Analyst102
104Programmer Analyst II102
105Software Architect101
106Staff Engineer99
107SR Data Engineer97
108Data Scientist II96
109Manager Software Engineering95
110Database Administrators Kbgfjg95
111Solutions Architect94
112Senior Developer91
113Staff Scientist90
114System Architect III90
117Information Security Analysts Kbgfjg88
119Technology Architect US87
120Professional Services II87
121Senior Data Analyst87
122Technical Manager86
123Test Engineer85
124Electrical Engineers83
125Product Engineer83
126Associate Research Scientist82
127Financial Analyst82
128Research Assistant Professor82
129Technical Program Manager III82
130Software Development Engineer Systems81
131Lead Engineer81
132Application Engineer81
133Technical Test Lead US81
134Technical Project Manager80
136Senior Manager Software Engineering80
138Web Developer78
139IT Project Managers IV78
140TAX Senior78
141IT Project Managers III77
143Site Reliability Engineer76
144Principal Consultant US76
145Senior Systems Engineer76
146Program Manager III75
147Direct Care Professional75
148Business Intelligence Analyst74
149Senior Software Development Engineer73
150Applications Consultant 273
151Technical Support Engineer73
152Hardware Engineer71
153Senior Devops Engineer70
154Data Engineer I70
155Manufacturing Engineer69
156Business Analyst II67
157Design Verification Engineer67
158Clinical Laboratory Scientist67
159MTS 1 Software Engineer67
160Full Stack Developer67
161User Interface Designer66
162Principal Engineer66
163Software Engineering Manager66
164Quality Assurance Engineer II65
165Design Engineer64
166Product Manager III Technical64
167Specialist Master64
168Software Programmer II64
169Assistant Research Professor64
170Data Engineer III63
171Advanced Software Developer63
172Hospitalist Physician63
173Software Application Developer63
174Product Manager III62
176Postdoctoral Researcher61
177Civil Engineer61
178ETL Developer61
179Computer and Information Systems Managers Kboeytest61
180Senior Application Developer61
181Computer Systems Analyst 360
182Test Consultant 360
183Software Developer Applications60
184Technical Program Manager II60
185Product Designer60
186Advisory Senior Consultant59
187Senior Software Engineer Developer59
188Senior Systems Analyst59
189Applied Scientist I59
190Analyst – Testing58
191Scrum Master58
192Industrial Engineer58
193Senior Solution Specialist58
194Medical Laboratory Scientist58
196Senior Java Developer57
197Principal Consultant56
198Senior Quality Engineer56
199Software Engineer 256
200Systems Analyst III56
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