H1B Visa Interview Coaching

Did you know that US Visa Officers are expected to interview about 120 visa applicants in a day?

  • On an average that comes to about 3 to 4 minutes per applicant.
  • Your every word in that few minutes count.
  • Many H1B Visa holders make simple mistakes and get unnecessary 221(g) Administrative Processing slips at their interviews and eventually may even get refusals.

International professionals applying for H1B visa stamping at a US Consulate/Embassy are never guaranteed to get visa approval as there can be many things that the Visa Officer may be looking for like below:

  • How they got the job ? How does their qualifications match the job they are doing ?
  • If in consulting, documents like client letters, vendor contracts, etc.
  • Compliance info as per LCA like location, salary, etc.
  • If working in sensitive areas, additional security checks.
All the effort the attorney and your company put up in submitting your H1B petition with USCIS and getting approval would all go vain, if you as the H1B applicant do not answer the questions correctly and do not present your H1B case properly. Many a times, the H1B visa interview questions will vary based on the applicant and it is important to be prepared ahead of time by working with someone who has done such interviews before.

We, at H1BGrader, have partnered with Ex-US Visa Officers as listed below to provide you guidance and to coach you on how to do the H1B Visa interview. Review the Officer's experience and book an H1B Visa Interview Coaching Session. We have vetted the officers and they are genuine.

About Jack R. (Ex-US Visa Officer)

While working as a US Visa Officer, Jack :

  • Conducted more than 50,000 visa interviews for the U.S. government in embassies and consulates around the world.
  • Toward the end of his career, Jack managed the Visa Officers at several U.S. embassies and understands how decisions on visa cases (H1B, H4, etc.) are made behind the scenes.
  • After retiring in 2020, Jack dedicated himself to coaching visa applicants how to best present their case to the Visa Officer during the U.S. visa interview.

Jack Panel

During your 50-minute videoconferencing coaching session, Mr. Jack will :

  • Identify the strongest points of your H1B Visa case
  • Teach you how to best communicate them to the Visa Officer
  • Offer advice on what pitfalls to avoid while interviewing

Structure of 50-minute H1B Visa Interview Coaching Session

  • Practive H1B Visa Interview (7 minutes): This would be similar to how a typical US Consular officer would take the interview. The Visa Officer would take note of your strenghts and weaknesses
  • Feedback on your H1B Visa Interview (7 minutes): Ex-US Visa Officer will review how you performed, your confidence levels, what were your strengths and weaknesses
  • Evaluate your H1B Visa Approval Chances (3 minutes): Review typical approval/denial rates in your country and based on their experience, Ex-US Visa Officer will estimate your chances of H1B Visa approval
  • Strategy to Strenthen your H1B Case(12 minutes): Review in detail what US consular officers would look for during the interview and plan for what you can do as an applicant to strengthen your case and increase your chances of approval
  • Tips & Tricks for H1B Interview (5 minutes): The Ex-US Visa Officer will share top tips and tricks that can help you with increasing chances of approval. These are purely based on previous experience and not found anywhere.
  • H1B Applicant's Q & A (7 minutes): This is the time for the H1B applicant to ask any questions regarding the H1B Visa interview and get answers on the same.
  • Final Practice Interview & Feedback (8 minutes): Now, at the end do one more round of practice interview and review on how the applicant has improved. Also, give final feedback

Please note that Jack no longer represents the U.S. government, is not an immigration lawyer, and does not offer legal counsel.

Common FAQs on H1B Visa Interview Coaching

Does getting US visa interview Coaching from an Ex-US Visa Officer guarantee H1BVisa Approval?
No one can guarantee that as the approval decision depends on many factors, including the company information. The ex-US Visa officer's goal is to help the H1B visa applicant review the application from a US Visa Officer's perspective. The ex-US Visa Officer will help you identify your strong points, what are important things you need to highlight during your interview, and how to best present yourself during the interview.

Does taking H1B Visa interview coaching guarantee that 221(g) Administrative processing form will not be issued ?
No, there is no guarantee. The simple reason is there can be many aspects related to company, your profile or job that can raise flags and the US Visa Consular officer may need to do further checks.

Do you also coach H1B Applicants, whose first interview was rejected ?
Usually, H1B Visa stamping applicants end up getting 221(g) and further may get refusal. Unlike F1 or B1/B2, the H1B Visa holders may or may not get a second chance to interview. It is case dependent and we cannot say.

How much does the Visa Interview Coaching Session Cost ? What is the duration?
The cost is $299 USD for a 50 min session.

How will the Visa Interview Coaching Session work ? Zoom or Google Meet ? Requirements ?
It is a videoconferencing session with our Ex-US Visa Officer. You will get a Google Meet Invite from us. You need a good internet connection that can handle video call. If your internet connection is not stable, you may not be able to do the video call.

How do I know, I am talking to a real Ex-US Visa Officer ?
We at H1BGrader have done all the due diligence to ensure that you are speaking to a real Ex-US Visa Officer.

Where is your Ex-US Visa Officer based out of ?
Our Ex-US Visa officers are based out of America.

Is there any money back guarantee, if I do not like the session ?
No, the funds paid for the visa interview coaching session are non-refundable, once payment is done.

I missed my session due to an unforeseen issue, will I get refund ?
No, there will not be refunds. Please inform the scheduling team by replying to the email sent to you at least a day before your interview, so that it can be rescheduled. If it is an emergency, please inform us at least 1 hour before the session so that we can move the session.

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