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H1B Salaries of Quality Analyst for FY* 2024

H1B Salaries Distribution for Quality Analyst by Wage Level

The below table contains a complete overview of the H1B salaries data for Quality Analyst at various wage levels. The salaries data is extracted from the H1B Labor Condition Applications(LCAs) filed with the US Department of Labor by Quality Analyst. The salaries data is grouped by wage level with total number of H1B LCAs filed at a wage level and corresponding minimum salary, mean/average salary, median salary, 75th percentile salary, 90th percentile salary, and maximum salary at each of those wage levels. The data shows the distribution of salaries and aids in understanding the salary range and trend for H1B LCAs at various wage levels.

The wage levels of salaries in the below table are based on Occupational Employment Statistics (OES) by the US Department of Labor.

  • Level I: It is the entry wage level. Usually assigned for someone who are starting in their careers.
  • Level II: This is the qualified wage level. It is for anyone qualified to do a job either through education or experience.
  • Level III: This is the experienced wage level. It is for anyone, who gained experience either by education, special skills or knowledge. Usually, you would see lead, senior, head, chief for such roles.
  • Level IV: This is the fully competent wage level. It is for anyone who have sufficient experience to plan and do work that requires judgement and do independent evaluation, selection, modification and skills. Usually these roles would have management or supervisory responsibilities.
  • Non OES Wage: This indicates that OES Wage Levels were not used and salary was based on an Independent Survey publisher such as Radford, Willis Towers Watson Data, etc.
LCA CountJob LevelMinimum SalaryMean/Avg SalaryMedian Salary 75th Percentile Salary90th Percentile SalaryMaximum Salary
9Level I$45,302$70,888$70,000$75,000$82,056$83,200
40Level II$70,000$88,463$84,656$92,000$99,550$152,000
4Level III$99,000$111,071$112,000$112,000$112,000$121,285
1Level IV$111,779$111,779$111,779$111,779$111,779$111,779

H1B Salaries Distribution for Quality Analyst - All Levels

A deeper analysis of the US Department of Labor's H1B Salaries Data reveals that the median salary across all H1B LCAs submitted for Quality Analyst in FY 2024 stands at $84,656. The median salary is the midpoint reflection of reported salaries. Also, the 75th percentile salary for Quality Analyst in FY 2024 indicates that 75% of reported salaries fall below $94,100. The 90th percentile salary is at $111,779 for Quality Analyst. You can use this data set and chart to understand the salary distribution for Quality Analyst in FY 2024. In general, the salary submitted in the H1B LCAs closely matches the base salary of a particular job title.
LCA CountMinimum SalaryMean/Avg SalaryMedian Salary75th Percentile Salary90th Percentile SalaryMaximum Salary
Min Salary: The lowest recorded salary among all H1B LCA entries.
Mean Salary: The average salary across all H1B LCA entries.
Median Salary: The middle value in a sorted dataset of all H1B LCAsalaries.
75th Percentile: The salary below which 75% of H1B LCAs fall.
90th Percentile: The salary below which 90% of H1B LCAs fall.
Max Salary: The highest recorded salary among all H1B LCA entries.

H1B Salaries list for Quality Analyst 

Below is a list of employers along with the number of LCAs filed for the job title Quality Analyst for FY 2024. You can also see the maximum, minimum, and average salary for each employer. This will give you a good idea of the salary range for this job title, which would be close to the base salary offered for this position at each employer.

Company LCA Count Maximum Salary Average Salary Minimum Salary

*Fiscal Year for US Dept of Labor starts from Oct 1st, ends Sep 30th.
E.g. Fiscal Year 2020 Starts Oct 1, 2019, ends Sep 30, 2020
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