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Comparison of Nvidia Corporation

See how working at Nvidia Corporation compares on a variety of H1B data points. By comparing employers on USCIS approvals, LCA approvals, H1B Base Salaries and more, you'll feel one step ahead of the rest.

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Note : Sometimes, H1B Companies' name might have changed over years like LLC to INC. In such cases, there may not be data for latest year. So, try similar company names from suggestions.
Nvidia Corporation
10 year
FY 2020
FY 2019
Confidence High Confidence
FY2021 USCIS Approval Data
Approval %0.00 %
Cont. Approvals-
Denial %0.00 %
Cont. Denials-
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FY2021 H1B Base Salaries
Max. Salary$324,500
Median Salary$155,106
Avg. Salary$154,428
Min. Salary$76,300
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FY2021 LCA Data
Approved %99.80 %
Certified 493
Certified Withdrawn -
Withdrawn 1
Denial %0.20 %
Denied 1
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H1B Profile
Nvidia Corporation
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