What is H1B Grader Blog ? What’s the focus ?

H1B Visa is one of the most sought non-immigrant visas to work in America. Every year about 85,000 new H1B Visas are given for companies by USCIS to hire foreign talent, who are considered highly skilled. One of the biggest gaps for thousands of H1B Visa holders living in America or prospective H1B holders is the lack of H1B Visa related insights for companies, job titles, cities, states, etc. Our goal with H1BGrader.com and the current blog is to address those gaps and provide insights for everyone like below.

H1B Grader Blog - H1B Data - Graphs

Where does our data and insights come from ?

We have gathered over 10 years of data from Official sources for H1B visas i.e., USCIS and US Department of Labor. We have used advanced algorithms to clean up data, including manual review, where automated systems failed to clean up the data. You can check our Data Collection page to know more on volume of data, our process. 

What can you expect from H1B Grader blog ?

You can expect to see all sorts of insights on H1B Visa like below. 

  • H1B Visa filing trends 
  • H1B Petition approval and denials trends 
  • Salary trends for various job titles
  • Distribution of Jobs by job titles over the years..
  • Highest paid salaries by Company…

Many such insights about companies on a holistic level….

H1B Visa News, USCIS Updates, Rule Changes 

We also will cover latest H1B Visa related news, rules that are relevant for H1B holders, USCIS news updates for H1B Visa, H4 dependent visa related news …Many more processes, guides for H1B Visa holders….

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What else would you like to see ? Share your thoughts in comments….

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