H1B Dependent Employers List Last 10 years – S386 50-50 rule ?

As some of you know, S386 Bill (Fairness for High Skilled workers) in the Senate is going through heated discussions on the senate floor. One of the controversial  amendments is the H1B visa 50-50 rule, which tells that, if a company has 50 or more employees and they have 50% or more are temporary workers like ( H1B or L1), then they cannot hire anymore H1B Visa holders. You can check the S386 clip on Senate floor that talks about this.

H1B Dependent Employers

Based on the H1B LCA Data, we thought a report that could help understand the impact would be to pull out a list of such H1B employers.  We have pulled out report on H1B Dependent Employers.  The definition of a H1B Dependent employer from US Department of Labor is  below

“An employer is considered H-1B-dependent if it has:

  • 25 or fewer full-time equivalent employees and at least eight H-1B nonimmigrant workers; or
  • 26 – 50 full-time equivalent employees and at least 13 H-1B nonimmigrant workers; or
  • 51 or more full-time equivalent employees of whom15 percent or more are H-1B nonimmigrant workers”

This is the closest report that can help us filter our employers that can potentially fall under 50-50 H1B amendment in S386 Bill.  Below are the top 20 employers from the last 10 years who have filed LCA and are considered H1B Dependent. 

You can check the full report at H1B Dependent Employers – 2010 to 2020

RankH1B Sponsor NameTotal H1B Filings 
1Infosys Limited192,518
2TataConsultancy Services Limited113,288
3Wipro Limited65,699
4CognizantTechnology Solutions US Corp59,707
5Capgemini AmericaINC46,889
6HCL America INC37,634
7Larsen& Toubro Infotech Limited28,031
8Tech MahindraAmericasinc27,032
9CognizantTechnology Solutions US Corporation22,045
10UST Global INC17,304
11Tech MahindraAmericas INC15,505
12Facebook INC14,680
13Igate TechnologiesINC12,543
14HexawareTechnologies INC10,267
15L&TTechnology Services Limited10,122
16CompunnelSoftware Group INC9,514
18Syntel INC8,545
19Mindtree Limited8,115
20QualcommTechnologies INC8,052

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