H1B FY 2023 Registration, Lottery – Sponsors, Important Dates, and FAQs

FY-2023 H1B Registration Lottery Sponsors

As you may have already know, the H-1B visa is one of the popular non-immigrant visas that allow USA employees …

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How to file FOIA request with USCIS? Step by Step Guide, FAQs

Sometimes, you may be in a situation where your employer is not sharing with you information related to the immigration …

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USCIS Processing Times Updated for August 2020

USCIS Processing time August 2020 Update

USCIS updated their processing times across the board for most of the visa types and green card related petitions at …

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USCIS resumes H1B Premium Processing from June 8th, 2020

USCIS H1B Premium Processing 2020 Update

USCIS announced a press release today saying that they plan to open up the premium processing for H1B Applications filed …

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