H1B Dependent Employers List Last 10 years – S386 50-50 rule ?

H1B Dependent Employers List

As some of you know, S386 Bill (Fairness for High Skilled workers) in the Senate is going through heated discussions …

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Major US Federal Agencies Contractors – H1B Employers List

US Federal Agenices Contractors H1B Workers

Today President Trump signed an Executive Order  that instructs all the US Federal agencies to review their contractors and subcontractors …

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H1B Premium Processing – Time, Fee, Process, Status 2020

USCIS H1B Premium Processing

Premium processing is an important aspect of H1B processing with USCIS as it can speed up the overall process with …

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USCIS resumes H1B Premium Processing from June 8th, 2020

USCIS H1B Premium Processing 2020 Update

USCIS announced a press release today saying that they plan to open up the premium processing for H1B Applications filed …

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What is H1B Grader Blog ? What’s the focus ?

How H1B Grader works for you

H1B Visa is one of the most sought non-immigrant visas to work in America. Every year about 85,000 new H1B …

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