20% Less H1B Jobs Compared to FY 2022, US DOL Q2 FY 2024 Data Analysis

As many prospective H1B applicants, who applied for FY 2025 season wait for the second round lottery, the US Department of Labor released its second quarter data for H1B LCA and PERM data for Fiscal Year(FY) 2024 season. This article reviews the trends in the Q2 Data for H1B FY 2024 around top jobs titles, to companies, top cities, top states, and other stats for the same.

123K H1B LCAs filed in Q2 of FY 2024, 20% drop in filings compared to FY 2022

If we look at the data for Q2 of FY 2024 and compare that with previous year, Q2 of FY 2023, there was a drop in the total H1B LCAs filed. The H1B LCA filings dropped from 133,145 to 123,681, accounting to a drop of 9,464 H1B LCAs. In terms of percentages, it is about 7.1% drop in LCA filings. In terms of total H1B LCA filed as of Q2 FY 2024, the drop in LCAs is about 5.6% compared to FY 2023 data until Q2.

What is interesting is the overall change in the H1B jobs landscape, if we look at the data from Q2 of FY 2022 and compare it with current data from FY 2024. During Q2 of FY 2022 a total of 155,108 H1B LCAs were filed. If we compare that data with current quarter data, which stands at 123,6821, the H1B LCAs dropped by about 20.3%

This 20.3% decline in the last two years indicates that the jobs situation does not seem to be improving for the high skilled H1B workers.

Below are the total counts of LCAs (includes H1B, H1B1 & E3) that were filed with DOL for the full fiscal year(FY) 2023.

FY 2024
% Change
FY 2023
209,59285,882123,681Not Released Not Released-5.6%
H1B LCA filings with DOL for FY 2024
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Note: The Data Refresh from US Dept of Labor is mainly for H1B LCAs and PERM Labor Certs. USCIS Data release cycles are not consistently done every quarter like DOL. You can read our Data Refresh Status to learn more on what data is updated with the current update.

Top 20 H1B Employers, Job Titles, Cities as of Q2 Fiscal Year 2024

Below are the top 20 employers as of Q2 Fiscal Year 2024.

Top H1B Sponsors (FY 2024 – Q2)
Amazon.com Services LLC 7,287
Ernst & Young US LLP 7,244
Google LLC 6,053
Tata Consultancy Services Limited 4,739
Microsoft Corporation 3,440
Cognizant Technology Solutions US Corp 3,415
Meta Platforms INC 2,299
Intel Corporation 2,187
Infosys Limited 2,119
Amazon Web Services INC 1,873
Apple INC 1,587
Qualcomm Technologies INC 1,332
Deloitte Consulting LLP 1,275
Wal Mart Associates INC 1,257
Salesforce INC 1,241
Jpmorgan Chase & CO 1,216
Capgemini America INC 1,201
HCL America INC 1,194
IBM Corporation 1,166
Amazon Development Center US INC 1,112
Top H1B Sponsors as of Q2 for FY 2024

Top H1B Job Titles (FY 2024 – Q2)
Software Engineer 15,498
Software Developer 8,702
Senior Software Engineer 3,429
Assistant Professor 2,511
Software Development Engineer II 2,026
Architect 2,022
Accountants and Auditors Kbgfjg 2,017
Manager JC Computer Systems Engineers Architects 1,411
Data Engineer 1,371
Associate 1,092
Data Scientist 983
Analyst 880
Software Development Engineer I 862
Java Developer 861
Software Development Engineer 836
Developer 833
Software Developers Kbgfjg 808
Research Scientist 799
Staff Software Engineer 770
Business Analyst 768
Top H1B Job Titles as of Q2 FY 2024

Top H1B Cities (FY 2024 – Q2)
New York, NY 11,611
Seattle, WA 6,151
Austin, TX 5,103
San Francisco, CA 4,798
Sunnyvale, CA 4,538
San Jose, CA 4,420
Chicago, IL 3,881
Atlanta, GA 3,659
Dallas, TX 3,380
Irving, TX 3,276
Mountain View, CA 3,253
Plano, TX 3,249
Redmond, WA 3,223
Houston, TX 3,142
Bellevue, WA 3,028
Santa Clara, CA 3,007
Boston, MA 2,855
Charlotte, NC 2,636
San Diego, CA 2,368
Jersey City, NJ 1,887
Top H1B Sponsors Cities as of Q2 of FY 2024

If you are looking to move around different states, having an idea about the H1B jobs by state would be a great one. Below table shows the H1B LCA data by states for Q2, FY 2024.

Top 10 States of H1B Employment for Q2 FY 2024

US State NameTotal H1B LCAsPercentage
of H1B Jobs
 California 92,16525.8%
Texas 48,79013.6% 
Washington 43,084 12% 
New York 27,657 7.7% 
North Carolina 12,9573.6%
 New Jersey 12,6023.5% 
Massachusetts 12,2093.4%
Georgia 10,219 2.9% 
Virginia9,408 2.6% 
Top 10 States of H1B Jobs Employment as of Q2 FY 2024

32K PERM Labor Certs filed in Q2 FY 2024, a decrease of 5.6%

The Q2 data of PERM for FY 2024 indicates a decrease of about 5.6% in PERM filings. During Q2 of FY 2023, there were about 33,749, compared to now in Q2 of FY 2024, the filings stood at 31,947. It is a drop of about 5.6% in PERM filings.

The drop in PERM filings indicates that companies are not sponsoring Green Cards for their H1B holders or other visa holders due to recent layoffs in their companies or changes in policies with the overall job situation in the US.

Also, the total PERM filings as of Q2 FY 2024 are slightly lower by about 0.2% compared to total PERM filings filed as of Q2 FY 2023.

Below are the total Labor Certifications filed in the DOL PERM Program for Green Card processing until Q2 FY 2024.

  % Change
FY 2023
74,35942,41231,947Not ReleasedNot Released-0.2%
FY 2024 PERM Labor Certification filings

Top Green Card Sponsors (PERM) for Q2 Fiscal Year 2024

Below are the top Green Card employers after data refresh for the Q2 of FY 2024

Top Green Card Sponsors (FY 2024 – Q2)
Amazon.com Services LLC 4,868
Google LLC 4,473
Microsoft Corporation 2,549
Facebook INC 2,046
Intel Corporation 2,000
Wayne Farms LLC 1,232
Apple INC 1,232
Cognizant Technology Solutions US Corporation 1,099
Amazon Web Services INC 1,045
Tata Consultancy Services Limited 1,036
Infosys LTD 818
Oracle America INC 692
Deloitte Consulting LLP 672
Amazon Development Center US INC 631
Ernst Young US LLP 603
Capgemini America INC 579
FPL Food LLC 577
JP Morgan Chase CO 568
Management Health Systems LLC DBA Medpro 533
IBM Corporation 531

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