17% Less H1B LCA filings in Q2 FY 2023. Top 20 Jobs, Companies

There is so much of action happening in the H1B visa world in the last few weeks. USCIS announced the H1B FY 2024 lottery numbers and they had a whopping 780K H1B registrations filed by applicants for FY 2024 season. Based on their data, there are so many applicants with more than one H1B registration filed on behalf of them. We will have to see how USCIS will handle fraud during this fiscal year.

Now coming to H1B LCA and Green Card PERM Data, US Department of Labor released their FY 2023 Q2 data couple of weeks ago and we have loaded that data to H1BGrader.com for you to review . In this article, we will cover the key insights from the FY 2023 Q2 data like top employers, job titles, etc.

133K H1B LCAs filed in Q2 FY 2023, 17% Decline

If we look at the H1B LCA stats, same time for the last year, FY 2022, Q2 there were 155,108 H1B LCAs filed with US Dept of Labor. Now, comparing that with current FY 2023, Q2 data, there is a big decline of 17% in the H1B LCA filings.

Last year, we reported that there was a 24.8% increase in H1B LCAs when we reported the FY 2022 Q2 data. The data clearly indicates that the job market for H1B holders is not that great as there is a decline in the total LCAs filed.

Below are the total counts of LCAs (includes H1B, H1B1 & E3) that were filed with DOL so far this fiscal year(FY) 2023.

FY 2023
% Change
FY 2022
221,91288,767 133,145 Not Released Not Released-17%
LCA filings with DOL for FY 2023
  • Our H1BGrader Database is now updated with H1B LCAs data that was filed anytime between October 1st, 2022 and March 31st, 2023 i.e Q2 of Fiscal Year 2023.
  • If your employer has shared any of the details, you can verify the same using H1B LCA Search

Note: The Data Refresh is only for Q2 2023 from the US Dept of Labor related H1B LCAs and PERM Labor Certs. USCIS does not release quarterly data anymore, they only release data once a year. You can read our Data Refresh Status to know more

Top 20 H1B Employers, Job Titles, Cities as of Q2, FY 2023

Below are the top 20 employers for for FY 2023, Q1.

Top H1B Sponsors (FY 2023 Q2)
Amazon.com Services LLC 8,267
Ernst & Young US LLP 8,147
Google LLC 7,226
Cognizant Technology Solutions US Corp 5,628
Tata Consultancy Services Limited 3,701
Microsoft Corporation 3,583
Intel Corporation 2,678
Infosys Limited 2,559
Qualcomm Technologies INC 2,405
Amazon Web Services INC 2,396
Apple INC 2,257
Meta Platforms INC 1,768
Jpmorgan Chase & CO 1,612
HCL America INC 1,513
Deloitte Consulting LLP 1,490
Wal Mart Associates INC 1,376
Capgemini America INC 1,261
Accenture LLP 1,247
Amazon Development Center US INC 1,116
Salesforce INC 1,113
Top H1B Employers as of Q2, FY 2023

Top H1B Job Titles (FY 2023 Q2)
Software Engineer 16,077
Software Developer 7,481
Senior Software Engineer 3,956
Accountants and Auditors Kbgfjg 2,464
Manager JC 2,455
Assistant Professor 2,346
Software Development Engineer I 2,185
Software Development Engineer II 1,595
Architect 1,419
Associate 1,183
Analyst 1,165
Data Engineer 1,079
Data Scientist 997
Software Developers Kbgfjg 958
Senior Systems Analyst JC 941
Research Scientist 863
Computer Systems Analysts Kbgfjg 828
Financial and Investment Analysts Kbgfjg 805
Staff Software Engineer 793
SR Software Engineer 784
Top H1B Job Titles as of Q2 2023

Top H1B Cities (FY 2023 Q2)
New York, NY 12,434
Seattle, WA 7,179
San Francisco, CA 5,944
Sunnyvale, CA 5,277
Austin, TX 5,174
San Jose, CA 4,608
Chicago, IL 4,149
Mountain View, CA 3,988
Atlanta, GA 3,571
San Diego, CA 3,479
Irving, TX 3,324
Dallas, TX 3,253
Houston, TX 3,075
Boston, MA 3,059
Bellevue, WA 2,998
Redmond, WA 2,972
Plano, TX 2,878
Charlotte, NC 2,796
Santa Clara, CA 2,785
Jersey City, NJ 2,056
Top 20 Cities with highest number of H1B filings as of Q2, FY 2023

33K PERM Labor Certs filed in Q2 FY 2023, 1.4% Increase in Applications

If we look at the Green Card related PERM Labor Certification filings, they were 32,261 in Q2 2022. If we compare the same for Q2, FY 2023, they stand at 33,749 and are up by a meagre 1.47%. If we look at the average increase, it has also come down to 13.5% increase. Same time last year it was about 23.7% increase in the PERM filings.

When we looked at Q1 data for FY 2023, we saw a big increase in PERM filings, but now, if we look at the absolute filings, they are slightly up by under 2%. This clearly indicates that employers are not willing to do PERM processing as they have either done some layoffs in the last 6 months and they cannot justify PERM applications.

We may further see a decline in the PERM filings, if the state of the market continue as it looks now. Below are the total Labor Certifications filed in the DOL PERM Program for Green Card processing so far until Q2 FY 2023.

  % Change
FY 2022
74,57940,82633,749Not ReleasedNot Released13.5%
FY 2023 PERM Labor Certification filings

Top Green Card Sponsors (PERM) until Q2 FY 2023

Below are the top Green Card employers after data refresh for the fiscal year 2023, Q1

Top Green Card Sponsors (FY 2023 Q2)
Amazon.com Services LLC 1,890
Google LLC 1,461
Microsoft Corporation 1,426
Facebook INC 960
Intel Corporation 907
Tata Consultancy Services Limited 727
Apple INC 679
Cognizant Technology Solutions US Corporation 509
Wayne Farms LLC 407
Wipro Limited 391
Deloitte Consulting LLP 363
Amazon Web Services INC 345
Oracle America INC 343
Walmart Associates INC 335
Ernst Young US LLP 303
JP Morgan Chase CO 303
GDI Services INC 287
FPL Food LLC 285
Accenture LLP 283
National Healthcare Corporation 273
Total Green Card (PERM Filings) until FY 2023, Q2.

What are your thoughts on the Q2 Data for FY 2023 ? Share your inputs in comments.


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